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  • Plating Up With Colour

    8 September at 09:32 from atlas

    Well aware that the colour of the foods on your plate matters? Turns out that the colour of your actual plate matters, too - at least when it comes to how much you eat, and how large you percieve your portion to be.

    A recent study showed that people served themselves a whole lot more food if there was little colour contrast between the food and the plate it was served on. (Think "white on rice", or vice-versa.)

    It appears that the colour similarity can cause people to misjudge the amount of food on their plates. (This is a culinary twist on what's known as the Delboeuf Illusion.)

    To test the effect, two Cornell University researchers turned a college reunion into a research lab. Half the attendees were sent to a buffet serving pasta with Alfredo sauce. The other half was served pasta with tomato sauce. Attendees were randomly given red or white plates. Those who had Alfredo sauce on a white plate or tomato sauce on a red plate served themselves 22% more pasta than those who had a strong colour contrast between the pasta sauce and the plate.

    The message for restauranteurs? Both aesthetic appeal and cost-profit ratios can be enhanced by using contrasting plate colours to present your cuisine. And Working Glass meets this challenge with its brand new range of glowing colours in tableware. Test our version of colour therapy soon - You'll see the difference.


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